Vertical Labret is pierced with a curved bar vertically through the centre of your lower lip.


This piercing can amplify the appearance of your lip and can be easily accessorised.



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Vertical Labret Piercing


Vertical Labret is pierced with a curved bar vertically through the centre of your lower lip.


This piercing can amplify the appearance of your lip and can be easily accessorised.


Please note: It is incredibly important to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene when considering any oral piercing.

This is to prevent infection or any problems occurring with your piercing. 


Your Appointment


Before your piercing, we will assess and take your personal anatomy into consideration.


We will then take time to mark up where your Vertical Labret piercing will go until you are happy with the placement.


This is so we can look at how your new piercing will complement it.


We love that everybody is so wonderfully different and want to make your piercing unique to you.


Jewellery Upgrades for Your Vertical Labret Piercing


To make your new piercing even more unique, we offer jewellery upgrades on all piercings.


Our wide selection includes the stunning ranges from QuailiTI, Anatometal, Danilla Tarcinale, Maya and Auris Jewellery.


Contact our store for more information on upgrading your jewellery.


Custom Jewellery


If you want a custom piece of jewellery for your Vertical Labret Piercing, contact our store or book a free consultation.


We’ll discuss your custom jewellery design and have it made especially for you before your appointment.


Our piercing jewellery is implant/medical grade titanium.


Upgrades range from faux to natural crystal and semi-precious to precious stones.


We are also able to offer 14kt – 18kt yellow, white and rose gold.


Your ears deserve the best.


Contact our store or book an appointment to find out more.


Vertical Labret Piercing Aftercare


We will always take the time to ensure you know how to look after your new piercing and will provide you with an aftercare leaflet which highlights how to take care of your Vertical Labret Piercing.


To clean your new Vertical Labret Piercing, we strongly recommend that you use a 0.9% saline solution spray that you can purchase from us in store after your Vertical Labret Piercing has been completed.


How to use Spray Aftercare Treatment on Your Vertical Labret Piercing


To use a spray aftercare treatment all you have to do is:


  • You will need to clean your new piercing twice a day
  • Make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your piercing, never touch your new piercing with dirty hands and certainly don’t pull it or twist it
  • Spray your piercing aftercare spray onto a clean piece of kitchen roll with low fibres (do not use a toilet roll or kitchen roll with lots of fibres as they can get into your new piercing and cause problems)
  • Soak your new piercing by holding the solution soaked kitchen roll against it for a minute or so until any crust that has built up becomes soft
  • Spray a little more solution onto a clean cotton bud and then use that to pull away any of the softened crust
  • Get another piece of clean dry kitchen roll and pat the piercing and area around it dry, do not rub
  • Do not just spray the piercing spray directly onto the piercing, this will not clean your piercing properly


When Can I Change My Jewellery?


You should be ready to come back and get your free jewellery change after about 4 weeks.


Remember, healing times are different for everyone. Some may take longer than others.


A Couple Things to Remember…


Remember to wash off any shampoo, hair care product residue after showering or styling as sometimes these products can really irritate your new piercing.


Always dry your new Vertical Labret Piercing with a clean piece of kitchen roll after cleaning, bathing or showering.


Correct aftercare of your new Vertical Labret Piercing will ensure healthy healing times.


Have a Question?


Use the form below to contact our store and we will be delighted to help you with any questions you have.


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