Ears, cartilage and
stretched piercing aftercare

Cartilage piercings can take a while to heal because the tissue is a lot tougher than the skin on your lobes for example.
You should be ready to come back and get your free jewellery change after about 4 weeks, but remember healing times are different for everyone, so some may take longer than others.
If you have just had a lower lobe piercing it will be ready to change after about 2 weeks. 
Remember to wash off any shampoo, hair care product residue after showering or styling as sometimes these products can really irritate your new piercing.
You should also know that stretching you ears or other areas on the body can result in permeant change and may never heal or shrink back to the way it was before. 


To clean your new piercing we strongly recommend that you use a 0.9% sterile saline solution spray like Neilmed® piercing aftercare/wound wash. 
This is a sterile saline solution fine mist spray, which we stock at Bloody Marys. 
You will need to clean your piercing twice a day. This might sound like a lot of work, but if you follow our instructions it will take you almost no time at all and your healing time will be reduced dramatically.
    • Make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your piercing, never touch your new piercing with dirty hands and certainly don’t pull it or twist it

    • Spray your Neilmed® straight onto your new piercing, holding the can about 15cm away from the piercing. You can hold the can at any angle 

    • Take a clean, dry piece of kitchen roll or cotton bud and pat the piercing and area around it dry, do not rub (don’t use toilet roll or tissue as they have lots of fibres and can get into your new piercing which will cause problems)

    • The drying part is just as important as the cleaning. Any residual moisture left around the new piercing will become stagnant, cause irritation, collect bacteria and is one of the more common causes of piercing bumps

    • For an inner oral piercings, tongue/tongue webbing/smiley we suggest you use a non alcoholic mouthwash twice a day, please see our tongue piercing aftercare for full directions

Chamomile soak

Ear piercings especially in the cartilage or stretched ears can be quite uncomfortable and take a little longer to heal because your ears are right next to your hair, which can get stuck around the jewellery and pull at it, or transfer bacteria. The other problem with ear piercings is that we sleep on them.
There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly find a comfortable position to lay your head down because of your new piercing causing discomfort. But you can sooth your discomfort a little by doing a chamomile tea soak. 
Chamomile tea has many health benefits, but did you know that it is a natural anti-inflammatory?
Just dip your chamomile tea bag into some hot water, and then use the teabag as a hot compress by holding it against the piercing for up to 20 minuets, as often as you like.
Just make sure your hands are clean before you start and to dry off the piercing afterwards if still wet by patting it dry with a clean piece of kitchen roll. 
Its a fantastic natural way to relieve some of the pain, redness and swelling that comes with a new piercing, and we love this tip.