We just wanted to let you know that, as always, your health and safety is a priority at Bloody Mary’s.

Even though everything seems scary right now and there’s a lot of uncertainty we don’t want you to feel afraid and want to highlight how Bloody Mary’s will be operating through this time.

With that in mind if we work together and follow these small adjustments we have added to our daily routine, you can still enjoy treating yourself, or lifting your mood with a new piercing or jewellery upgrade while keeping sanitation and hygiene a priority ☺

On top of our usual high standards of sanitation we will be cleaning all surfaces, including card readers, iPads and phones, every hour.
We always wash our hands before, during and after every client interaction, and this will remain the same.

Please use the provided hand sanitiser upon entry to reception area.

During this period we will operating on an APPOINTMENT ONLY system, which means no walk in appointments will be accepted.

We ask that you attend your appointments ON YOUR OWN as keeping the reception area down to a minimum amount of people is so important during this time, and even more so in our treatment room (excluding clients under the age of 16 which will need a parent/guardian present)

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY TO YOUR APPOINTMENTS as filling up the waiting room with people is something we wish to avoid, especially as we share a waiting room with Cavalier Club.

If you feel even slightly under the weather, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.

We will still be here after this has passed and we can rebook your appointment for when you are feeling better. You can contact us on facebook, via email or instagram to cancel or change your appointment, we really don’t mind if you can’t make it, just let us know 👍🏻

Its always important to get a piercing when you are feeling your best, without a virus flying around, so this one is just common sense 😉

If you show up to your appointment with any signs of sickness, you will be turned away and asked to rebook online when you have recovered.

If you fall into the high risk category, please, please look after yourself and stay at home.
Like we have previously mentioned, we will still be here after this has cleared up to perform piercings and fit beautiful jewellery for everybody ✨

Please, stay safe and be kind to each other.

To all of our Bloody Mary’s Family – we thank you for your patience, understanding and awesomeness.

We love you guys 🦌🖤✨